Ambika and mod wheel silencing sound?

Has anyone had an issue with controlling the Ambika with a controller (in this case a Pro-2) and using the mod wheel? You can use the mod wheel, but when it returns to 0 the patch goes silent and need to select a new patch to restore sound. Any ideas?

Can you use a MIDI monitoring tool to check which MIDI message is sent by the pro-2? I suspect it sends an extra CC in addition to the CC #1 (modulation wheel).

I did this now. It sometimes seems to send a ‘reset’ message when returning to 0. It doesn’t seem to do this every time, just most. I’m guessing this is the problem then? Anyone know a work around? What does this ‘reset’ message do?

What are your global settings?

MIDI Param Send has NRPN and CC modes, perhaps you need to use CC mode?

Reset? As in system reset? “Reset all controllers”? Do you have the hexadecimal data of this message? Or at least a screenshot of your MIDI monitor?

I’m not sure. I’m away from home right now too. It just said reset.

The number by system reset is 00022B61

confirmed that dsi pro transmits FF system reset message 1 out of two or three times in the zero position.

Now to wait for a DSI firmware update. :wink:
That would definitely be a problem to me.

Meanwhile, I have attached a version of the Ambika firmware in which the MIDI RESET message is ignored.

MIDI bugs from the inventor of MIDI sigh :slight_smile:

Thanks Oliver!