Ambika Ambient (FAWM 2017)

Hi all! Just finished this year’s FAWM challenge. So, here is the result. An album of minimalistic electronic music using Ambika and effects only. Enjoy :)! On the 1st track I used Audiothingies Micromonsta a I got carried away with it’s sound, but all other sounds are from Ambika.

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I really enjoyed this. I could hear the Jarre and TD influences. Is this with SMR filters?

Yeah, SMR-4. In the last bonus track I used D-50 besides Ambika. I really enjoyed making this with Ambika, it is so flexible with the 6-voice multitimbrality and individual outs. And it is very easy to operate and with the performance page it is very simple to do real-time tweaking for several parts at the same time.

Lovely sounds! :slight_smile: