Ambika All Voicecards Compared

Comparing all available Ambika/Tubika/3rd-Party voicecards


There has been several other threads discussing 4052 ‘switched’ mods to existing voicecard architectures; not just the SVF. It seems that every voicecard design can be built with some switchable functions.

Namely the Ladder filter switches with Crunch/Clean/Dist.
The ladder filter can also be built with Transistor, Diode or LED styles.

The Polivoks has a standard LP and a switchable BP filter.

The SMR4 and 4P filters have several mods and iterations, namely with the ‘SMR4P’ (not SMR4+) allowing selectable Pole(db) settings for its LP filter. (with the 2nd switch being 3P or 1P)
I have read on that topic that the 4P could also follow this design.

I don’t own an Ambika currently, and am in progress of sourcing parts, BUT

I have read the hexcode of the ‘common’ file, and the text of ‘LP/BP/HP’ seems as if it could be easily changed to any other two character combinations in-line with the voicecards in the unit.

I.e. the SMR4 filter mode characters could be rewritten as ‘4P/3P/2P’.

Or the Ladder filter could be rewritten as ‘CR/CL/DS’ (crunch, clean and distortion).

On the Polivoks, I’ve heard someone discussing removing the 3rd selectable switch option in the firmware, as its redundant/non-functional, however I have no idea how to do it and don’t know if any progress has been made.

Doing an edit like this would only make sense if ALL 6 voicecards are the same type,
although I suppose you could mix Polivoks with SVF, SMR4 with P4, or any of the Ladders with another ladder, as they will all have the same filter mode names.

This shouldn’t involve more than a small code edit on those characters;
although as I’ve not tried this yet, and I should obv state try/edit at your own risk.

Also what do yous think of the OLED colour coordination with the filter types? :slight_smile: