Ambika Acryl case EPS master for (Ponoko)

Hi guys.

I recently built my Ambika, but I wanted to make the case myself. I found a SVG master file and made a EPS file for (size P3 - 790 x 348 mm). Be free to use it. But be sure to use 3mm Acyl, because the layout only works with that thickness.

The second file (P2 - 348 x 348 mm) is for an alternative version of the top, with a hole for the display.

Today I received the lasered Acryl case and it fits perfectly!


Thanks! Just want I was looking for.
It looks just like the original on MI’s site, with same honeycomb cut and logo etching.

Why is the version without a hole included? Shouldn’t the one with the LCD hole be on the main (P3) sheet so one only needs to have one sheet cut?

Would also love if someone could fit the hole to the single sheet and upload :slight_smile:

You can order these cases via - from the original supplier. So no need to bug gel around parts.

Im asking him as well, depends on whats available as Id like one in matte black, but not as textured as the one they had pictured for the top. To match a couple other things I got from ponoko (module tester and midibox seq v4). Although if the metal case I cant find pics of is good thats ofc an option.

The texture you are referring to is not Evonik Plexi, so i guess you’ll have to order from somewhere else where NoName Plexi is supplied :wink:

That didnt make sense? The texture of the matte tubeohm is NOT evonik? Or is?
Ive used ponoko and would like to match that.

No, ponoko is not using original Evonik as far as i know - probably because its a bit more expensive. tubeOhm uses original Evonik, i know for sure :wink:

What thickness acrylic should I use for the eps case on Olivier’s github rep?


Oh, thanks ! I will get some 3mm acrylic… or whatever equivalent thickness I can source in US :slight_smile:

1/8" is too much. Find 3mm, it wont fit together correctly if it’s too thick

Oh that’s good to know… I was going to get 1/8. 0.175mm really make a difference?

Its 5% so yes. The slots are made for 3mm so anything larger will stick out and the tolerance on plexi is pretty bad so you might end up even thicker than 1/8"

yeah, the tolerance in general for anything plexi is 5% at best it seems. Thanks! I’ll see if ponoko can send me some 3mm sheets, they’re such a pain just to get plain sheets.