Ambika AC adaptor in Australia

mt ambika is complete now I just need an AC adaptor. Ive had heaps of problems with Jaycar ones - they just dont fit. So obviously im ordering the wrong kind. While i put up with it for my Shuthis and anushri I really wanna get the right, correctly fitting Adaptor for my Ambika

Every Jaycar plugpack PSU I have seen comes with a set of interchangeable plugs. One of them should fit. Mind the polarity on the DC adaptors ( not the Ambika).

Hmm might take it down there - I was wondering if there’s a particular “type” to ask for - the diameter of the barrel on the psu end just to be sure?

Jaycar sell a whole range of 2.1mm power connectors. There is plenty to choose from in the store. Of course, if buying online, only use Jaycar as a last resort - RS-Online (expensive but free delivery), Altronics, Element14 etc (there are others) are much better and cheaper. But if you want a bricks-and-mortar store to actually examine the goods in, Jaycar is easiest for most people in Oz.

BB thank you very much you always so cool - your knowledge and assistance is greatly appreciated - thank you!