Ambika 6x4P Layered Pads

Reading about Dual mode on the Roland JP-08 inspired these Ambika two-layered pad samples. Sounds were mixed using the Performance page with voice allocation split into two layers of up to three voices each. The first two examples are based upon “KeyStone” then “Planar” patches wherein the first part varies from the second. The third example uses the “Sleepy” and “Emperor” patches.

Very nice. I’m not sure if the Ambika can do this but I layer 6 Shruthis and make minor mods to the modulation on each one to add variety. Slight differences in filter cutoff and resonance and filter EG, and sometimes variations in LFO rates where applicable are mostly what I do.

Thank you Piscione :slight_smile: What you are describing is the same procedure used to differentiate the two parts in the first two clips. By assigning one voice per part with each part receiving on the same midi channel the Ambika can be made to play a six-layered vari-modulated sound. The parts are played through identical filters in stereo with this setup. I foresee adjusting the Ambika mod matrix for this application eventually. The Performance page provides a two-handed environment for mixing layers with user-selectable parameters as well. Being able to audition patches and mixes using the same filter without multi-tracking is a great time-saving efficiency for me.