Ambika 4pm BOM

Hey all. Im having difficulty locating a mouser BOM like the SVF and SMR4 on the wiki page. I stuffed up one BOM once where I oredered 3 x the mount of parts (plus a few wrong ones). I know a few other people this would help out with so if youve successfully used a Mouser 4PM BOM for a project do you think you could please pass it on. MY email is Also down bellow.

id be interested in seeing the price.

Ive priced an Ambika at around $650 USD. But I havent included any hardware like screws or standoffs. Does anyone have any info on what to buy?

i think if you order the plexi case there are screws and standoffs included. at least they are with the shruthi cases.

With the Plexi Case only the Nuts & Screws to mount the Case are included.

So again, does anyone have any info on what would be needed to order? Approx cost?

Oh and this is a working 4PM Ambika Mouser BOM for 1 x VC

12M FF spacer
12MM MF spacer
10MM MF spacer
20MM MF spacer
20MM FF spacer

that’s Reichelt but you can see how it looks and have a look at the technical details.
they’re also referred to as hex standoffs. it doesn’t matter whether it’s metrical or other threading, as long as you use the matching screws (short, 6mm long, same threading)