Ambika 4P vs SMR4, which is truly the more warm and which is more aggressive?

Okay so I will preface this by saying I have looked over the forums high and low and it’s hard to get a general consensus on this topic. The Ambika Overview page states there are ‘two styles of 4-pole filters (SMR4, warm with a soft edge ; and 4P, edgier),’

But then when I listen to THIS comparsion demo, the 4P sounds more ‘liquid’ and smooth.

I’ve listened to demos for each filter type so many times over and am about ready to order, but I want to get your opinions before I do.

The sounds I really like are the ‘Tremolo’ and ‘MultiMoof’ recorded with the 4P filter, shown HERE

And also the demos recorded with the SMR4 called ‘Epno’ and ‘Warm Piano’, shown HERE

As you can see I am looking for more keyboardist type sounds that will fit well into a mix with a band. However I also do love the power of the chords in THIS video, but I realize I may not be able to have the best of both worlds.

My thoughts now are to go for the SMR4, mainly cause I’ve heard the demos and I love the power it has, as well as the smooth sounds of presets such as the ‘Warm Piano’. It seems like it covers a lot of ground.

But which is truly the more ‘liquid smooth’ type of filter?

Anyways, I realize this has been brought up before, but the choices are still not completely clear to me. Thanks for reading and please chime in if you want.


Filter type won’t matter for the piano-type sounds. There isn’t much difference between SMR and 4P when the resonance is low.

Okay, that makes it quite a bit easier. Seems like the SMR would be a safe choice since I have had more exposure to it and really like what I hear. Thanks for the quick response.

Lots of the demos that I have listened to have added effects so it makes it hard to decide.

I really like the SMR in the Ambika. It’s warm and with a really nice resonance. The 4P is a bit more clean and doesn’t really compare to the shruthi 4PM.

@shiftr cool I think I will do the SMR. I was hoping you would chime in since your name came up often when I was digging through the forums :slight_smile: thanks!

My slightly informed assessment is the SMR4 has a bit smoother, warmer resonance (only really matters when you turn the resonance up like Olivier says), 4p is better for applications where you desire strong resonance from the filter like drum sounds. Covers a bit more range, but at the high end of the available resonance it overwhelms the oscillator signal.