Ambika 4P voicecard PCBs - for sale or trade


Hi all… Long time no use forum.

Anyone interested in some Ambika 4p voicecard pcbs? I’m finally building an Ambika, and I got some voicecards printed. I have 5 extra 4p PCBs - ideally, I’d like to trade them for PCBs for other ambika voicecard versions, but I could also sell them I guess. I dunno - $8 apiece+shipping sound fair?

If you want (and if you catch me in time) I could order the v2164s for you from Mammoth (I’ve got 3 here, I need 3 more for myself - I’ll probably do the order in a week or so.) …and ship those to you with the PCB so you don’t have to do a separate Mammoth order.

Anyway, let me know if you’re interested.

Please don’t expect support from Olivier or M.I. re: these voicecards. And thanks to Pichenettes for his great open hardware/software philosophy.


I have some (i think 4) of the SMR4-P voicecards left over if you’re interested in a trade. They’re designed by @Modulart


I have extra Ambika SMR-4 voice cards, looking to trade for a motherboard.


are you looking to trade pcbs or completed?


PCB’s, sorry for the confusion.


i have some extra white motherboard pcbs i had printed.


@borfo if you’d prefer the stock SMR-4’s (that @hutto has) instead of my 4p smr4 versions.

we can do a 3 way trade, i send the mobo(s) to hutto, borfo sends the 4p’s to me, and hutto sends the SMR-4 to borfo.


Either works for me, let me know. I have 6 black SMR pcb’s. The component values aren’t labeled on the silkscreen but can be determined from the .brd.


I should point out the same is true of my mobo prints, I hadnt noticed the component names were on a layout not in my CAM file. The labels such as IC9, R22, etc are on the boards, but not the values.


The SMR-4p cards look interesting, but I’d be fine with hutto’s SMR cards… I’m really just looking to turn these extra 4p cards into some other ambika flavour I don’t already have, doesn’t really matter what I wind up with. 3 way trade works for me if that gets everyone what they want.

How many motherboards do you have? I suppose I might be interested in one of those too - I could see myself building another ambika down the road sometime…


I have to look, I had at least 5 printed, maybe 6. But that means after @hutto i’d have another 2 at least (i would like to keep at least 1).


Why don’t you and I just do a trade directly, and you and hutto could do another? Having an extra MB on hand for the future would be good for me, and those SMR4p cards look interesting… My 5 4p cards + a bit of cash?

Incidentally, it looks like the soldermask layer on one of my cards is a bit thin on one corner - a couple of traces are exposed, but the traces themselves are fine. Covering with a bit of varnish or something should work fine. I can do that before shipping if you like.

Also, component values aren’t labeled on my cards either - component label numbers are there though.

Anyhow - assuming that works for you, what do you think is fair for your SMR4 cards + a mainboard?


My boards have been traded. Thanks everyone.