Ambika 4P voicecard BOM


I noticed that the official BOM for C1 and C27 for the Mouser part points to an NP capacitor specified to 25V, whereas the BOM explicitly states >35V. So, can this part be used or should the BOM be updated?

Also, for C14, C25, C33 there seems to be a part available at Reichelt that is only 7mm tall: SM 100/16RAD.

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What voltage does the PSU of the Ambika deliver? Now think yourselves :wink:

BTW the Reichelt Part is rated 16V…

The equivalent Mouser part is rated 16V as well.

To what conclusion did your thoughts lead you?
(Hint: what does the voltage stated mean?)

… i am the evil teacher of deciphering BOMs

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The Reichelt part is good, as is the Mouser part. I guess I should be more blunt when suggesting the update (or bluntly speaking: the correction) of information :-).

To answer your initial Question:
The Voltage Rating for Caps is the maximum safe Voltage the Cap will deliver its estimated Lifespan. Since the Ambika only uses ± 8V a rating of 35V or 25V is either fine (in fact both will live as long as the Material allows), even 16V is twice as much as needed.

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@fcd72: I should have known that the polite Scandinavian way of hiding a suggestion inside of a question does not work on an Internet forum :wink: !

yes, i guess we will have to live with this. a lot more gets lost if the net is displayed on on of these tiny phonethingies…

C1 is subject to a DC voltage < 1V. C2 is subject to a DC voltage of 2.048V. So voltage ratings are not an issue here.