Ambika 4 operator FM

I feel kinda dumb for asking/presenting this.

How hard would it be to replace the digital proto-braids oscillators on the Ambika voice card with a 4 operator FM with maybe a selection of just a few FM algorithms (something akin to the Digitone)?

  1. Is it even possible?
  2. Is it something that would require a massive rewrite?

the idea would be (4 operator FM ) -> VCF -> VCA

That would be kind of awesome to have 4 operator FM. I believe there already is 2 operator FM, and if you use YAM there is feedback as well.

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I’m sorry to come with my disappointing views, but any significant (Edit: even insignificant) increase of computation is impossible to cram into Ambika’s oscillators. I even had to ditch the sine wave interpolation to get the modest FM feedback implemented in YAM (see It may be possible to do 4OP FM by a bastardized firmware with a single oscillator but I wouldn’t want that.


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When the Ambika was still being developed, there was talk of other kinds of voice boards.

Things like drum/percussion boards were even mooted.

I’m the end, it didn’t happen, but I don’t see why alternative voice boards couldn’t be developed that used more powerful processors, which would allow for a wider range of oscillator algorithms.

Having said that, the existing, 8-bit MCU-based cards can produce a pretty wide range of sounds.

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Of course with new hardware the sky is the limit. It just is a whole different league of development. Also, I’d imagine you’d want to reengineer the whole platform if you took the effort to change the voicecard cpu family. Just my 2c.

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