Ambika 2-Way Velocity Switch Using Mod Matrix and Modifiers?

Can anyone tell me how to produce a simple 2-way velocity-switch effect using the modulation modifiers? I’d like to be able to set an arbitrary, quite high threshold value, say a velocity of 100. I can see how to create a modifier with ‘velo’ as in1, and a constant as in2, then use the ‘greater or equal’ operator, but the available constant values are all either very small (4, 8, 16, 32) or too large (265, will presumably never be reached as MIDI velocity values only go to 127). Is there a way to set an arbitrary value for in2? If not, maybe this is a feature-request. If there were a ‘2’ constant, I could use the ‘qtz’ operator to quantize velocity into two bands, which would achieve the same effect, but again, this doesn’t seem to be present.

The idea is that I can use this setup as a modulation source, mapped to envelope decay, to create an closed/open hihat.

Incidentally, I’ve managed to create a reasonably thumpy kick, an OK 808ish snare, and a so-far slightly crappy handclap for my first Ambika drum kit. Anyone else been working on something similar?

Any tips?


Now assuming this isn’t possible.


I don’t see a way of doing it in the current design, I’ve noted down the suggestion for more constant values.

@pichenettes Cool.