Amber LCD probs (SOLVED)

Just soldered on the LCD, the backlight is working, but absolutely nothing is being displayed on the screen. I checked the trimmer and the middle pin is at 1v, which is probably because I turned it counter clockwise as much as I could. Any ideas what the problem might be? Everything else is working just fine.

You’re not sure until you have turned it all the way to 0.

still nothing. I’d expect to at least see some solid blocks but nope.

Aha! Interesting. I think I soldered it on backwords? Turning it all the way over the other way seems to have produced some resutls.

Okay… I can see some blocks now but it’s very dim and that’s as bright as it seems to want to go.

Edit: Characters are now visable, but its still really super dim. I used a 6.8k resistor for the LCD, you you think it needs to be higher?

No wonder it’s so dark with such a high current-limiting resistor. 100 ohm is the maximum value for extra safety, and most displays don’t need a resistor.

Lol. Okay, somewhere I must have misread something because that makes sense.

Hmm… so I removed it… and now the backlight won’t turn on at all.

How do you expect the backlight to work if there’s no path for current to flow into it?

What is the model of your LCD and where did you get it ? You should be able to find what resistor it needs in the spec sheets.

I’m such a newb.

Okay, so I just bridged it with a piece of wire I had cut off previously, theres no way i’m even going to try to desolder this screen. It works just fine now. Thank you!