I was so keen to build an Anushri that I ordered one as soon as I noticed the kits were back in stock. That was last Thursday evening my time, in Washington State – a bit over 5000 miles from Paris. I have it in my hands now! How is this possible? Less than 36 hours door to door. Over a weekend! Incroyable!

And it’s such a sweet kit! The irony is that I have a bunch of work that needs doing first, so I won’t be able to start it for a while…argh.

DHL is the real deal

Even if I average it over the three days (which is silly, I know) that’s like 140 mile/hour. Dang! Surprised the box wasn’t singed.

I just ordered one also (2nd one now), and I couldnt belive how quick it came to Australia !
I was expecting at least two weeks, nice work guys !