Am I doing something wrong? sending patches to Shruthi

I have a shruthi and I’m trying to send .syx patches to it and I’m getting a # when doing so. I’m using C6.

From what I read it should be pretty straight forward and load the patches into the buffer, but thats not happening. It is working fine for sending data to my elektrons though. Thanks for any help!

I remember in C6 you must enter a delay of 250ms between packets.
What do you mean with getting a #?

Try it with MidiOX ?

On the display of the Shruthi. When a patch is successful I see a quick ‘+’ on the screen. When unsuccessful, I see a ‘#’.

This happened to me also. I tried with c6 and midiox and couldn’t successfully upload the patches
Finally I downloaded MIOS studio from here:
And problem solved!!!
Hope this works (5 years late maybe… hehe)