Am i applying protective conductor wiring right?

Hello to all people that are about to read this.
Im a good way into building my first synth case and therefore my first modular synth.
I had help from a electrician for the crucial wiring of the main inlet to the psu.
I also talked about the protective conductor wiring with him.
The Situation now is, that i want to have a idea from somebody that is specialiced on modular synths therefore, people in this forum :

  • to tell me if it is a good idea / necessary to add extra wires from the free GND pins of the two busboards directly to my clamprail where i joined the GND from the PSU, the protective conductor wire from the main inlet and the wires connected to the module rails together ?
    Should i also add them there ?

Pics of the case :
(just showing the extra wires from the GNDs of the busboards, layed on for better understanding of my situation)

Thanks for caring, have a great time !

I would recommend a ‘star ground’.

  • route a single ground from your busboards to your ground clamprail
  • route a single ground from your clamprail to the main PSU.
  • do not create extra ground paths between devices that are already connected to ground.
  • use the same gauge wire for ground connections.

You don’t want to create ground loops.
You do want good ground - don’t use too small gauge wiring.


Thanks to the SkyWriter Cat Being for this nice and tight informationstream !
This definitely wont just help me.
And ontop of that, i already did what you wrote.
So im glad i got a well earth-protecte case.

Have a great time !

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It was a great question :0)

Create - enjoy!

I tried my best ! :0P

Wish you the best !

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Everything works like a dream !
Thanks again for giving me some information and a good feeling to continue :slight_smile:

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