Altoid box

Is someone know where i can find altoid box in France? I need 2 or 3

are you building the clockworkrobot stuff?

no, a little midi controler, a cmoy amp, and one spare :slight_smile:

can you get colman’s mustard powder in france?

they have really nice tins perfect for smallish DIY enclosures…

Could just get some on ebay?

If you are a pipe smoker/know one, pipe tabac (pipe fuel :D) can often be found in metal tins as well…

But a much nicer option is tinned sweets?

Thanks for links will buy them…I’m not a big fan of Ebay, and my search was just in US and the sellers didn’t want to send it in France! Many thnx .And V’cent my only smoking tool now is like this one:

no more tobacco or anything else… :smiley:

nice! is that a mini vaporizer?

I thought it was one of those penis pumps lol.

Vaporizer yes but not for what u think lol, i’ve stopped tobacco and other things with That since 1 year now And what is cool is That u CAN easily build ur own! DIY is everywhere!

Sooo, um, what do you smoke with it? :wink:

Nicotine fluid? Yuck! I hope you manage to stop it alltogether through this thing!

Is this thingie for injecting the substances in the gay-colored glass tube direclty into your brain stem ???

Nicotine is like Cafeine, Theine, … Not really a problem…

@Franck: Yes

@Eaty From my girlfriend (expert on buying trashy american candy on the net)

@EATY i want one, too. No, more; i want one, three…

Pichenettes give some big kiss to her

Hopefully they’re not sugar free mints, too many of those make you go to the bathroom often lol.