Alternative to rotary knob

Does anyone has a nice alternative to the endless rotary knob? (this one)

Would like something that i can order in the Netherlands or somewhere near me.

Alternative? A different knob on top? Just look for a knob with a D-shaft then.

Alternative as in not a encoder? Nope.

You could cement in the Axis in a huge block of concrete and turn the Shruthi instead :wink:

@fcd72: This sounds like some kind of “deep” and “thought-provoking” hipster art installation. We should Make a Shruthi for hipsters. Have some custom vinyl knobs and cement brick for the encoder.
“You have to turn all of your concepts of a synthesizer upside down, man. Or you just won’t get in the groove, ya’ feel?”

but then we would have to implement a shitty sounding filter - maybe we can rip one out of a volca?

@fcd72: No, too mainstream! Ok, we can use the volca key, but only after adding a pointless vacuum tube that will awkwardly protrude out of the side of the case. Also, have a free-range alpaca sweater knitted for the tube. “For added warmth.”

And we need wooden Sidepanels. Or Carbon. Maybe we ask a ProductManager™ ?

@fcd72: No, you can’t have TheMan™ cracking down on free-form Creativity™. That’s just not how it works. The only case material we can use is recycled organic vegetable compost - ReOVegCo™. It doesn’t cause cancer like exposure to crude plastic polymers.

So we make the case basically from extruded earthworm excrements? Cool, can we have some X’s in the name like ReOVeg-X-Co™ ?

@fcd72: Yes, that is perfect! It sounds like some kind of hardcore HarryPotter™ spell that way! That’s still a thing the kids like, right?
“ReOVeg-X-Co™!” It just rolls right off the tongue.

Can we cast the Chips from this, too? And use 100% Silicon made from Sahara-Sand thats mined by handicapped Tuareg girls?


@fcd72: The chips will sound more natural using only be best materials. As long as no animals are harmed, I don’t see why not!

@bloc, shiftr
This is the same, but only 67% cheaper….

Thats the problem with extruded earthwormpoo…… its not vegan because of the worm.

And this is the same as the original shruthi one …

@fcd72: Just make sure they know it’s “organic”.
I know plenty vegans who enjoy “organic” gummy snacks. Try telling them the pectin comes form horse hooves. Organic only applies to vegetables. Carbon compounds that make up meat are not organic at all.

Thanks for al the options guys! :slight_smile:
And the hipster jokes

we do the best we can. itsnot much but we do it anyways…