Alternative source for push caps

Hi all,

I have ordered a Polivoks PCB set, case, and pre-programmed chips yeeeeeeeeehaa! :slight_smile:

I sourced every component, except the black and red push caps for the control board. I know digikey sell them, but I refuse to Pay £12 shipping for £2 worth of parts!

Is there a company in Europe that sell these caps?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I thought farnell has them… And

x0xsh0p has the larger TA12-series caps used on the x0xb0x and MB-seq v4 (standard Wilba panel). Alternatives to the TA-series are found at Farnell, I think these guys were made by Alps.

Linky here:

Oh yeah you are right. I was confused with the switches.

I might have some that I can send you, gotta see what my own stock of projects require first - might mean that you will get a white endcap, or only black buttons, if that’s ok with you?

mouser have them as well. but 20€ shipping if you order below 60€

I have tons of those in black, all other colors are slightly less taken care of. There’s been a dude who asked me before so I was thinking of stocking up. PM me and we could pool our needs…

Thank you for all your suggestions and offers of help. When I get around to building the synth, if I haven’t sorted the caps out then, I know I can call on you guys for help :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be concerned in the slightest what colour the caps are.