Alternative Anushri firmware

Ok, so I’m nuts.

I finally built an Anushri some time ago, and I couldn’t resist the urge to hack the firmware. I started by exploring the possibility of hi-hat synthesis inspired by the OPL2 chip. After spending endless hours looking at the MAME emulation, looking at hi-hat samples of an old Yamaha PSS-460 home keyboard, and reading up on all the mysteries of the rhythm mode for the OPL chip I think I cracked it. The frequencies and noise parameters still need some tuning, but it is basically ok.

So what did I get for all these efforts? A lo-fi sounding hi-hat to replace the 8-bit Linn sample. The nice thing is that this frees up some much wanted memory space.

Edit1: code on GitHub as per usual:

Edit2: In the development story of Anushri pichenettes mention that synthesized (ring modulated) was ditched for a sampled hi-hat.

I’ve now started to port the larger step drum nodes from Grids, and I have a hack that sort of works. It’s an ugly hack at this point because it simply doubles the frequncy at which the generative drum patterns are triggered to account for their doubled resolution (32 step nodes ported from Grids compared to the original 16 step nodes in Anushri). Unfortunately, this means only the 8 and 24 ppqn clock resolution can be supported (not 4 ppqn). AFAIK I need to make the necessary changes at a lower level to maintain the support for 4 ppqn clock resolution (in etc). Maybe I’ll find a way.

Thanks for listening


Hi again!

If you are curious how the lo-fi synthesized hi-hat sounds playing some generative sequences ported from Grids then download and have a listen!

Cheers (981.5 KB)

I updated the GitHub repository with the port of drum pattern nodes from Grids.

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