Alternative 4051N for my 4 Pole Mission

Hi all

Question, because of sucking christmas, i need one part only, to finish my 4-pole.

So, is this one good ?

Thanks for your help…


yes TTL will work fine, Shruthi operates within 5V range too.

ok fine… Thanks

Another question…

If i use this one, will this one work with the digital board? (Q1)

Nope its SMD, you need a "thru hole componen"t:

Make shure you use 18pF Caps as stated in the Datasheet of the Quartz

Hi fcd72… Supper! Thank you… It’s a little bit a bad site… not so good like farnell or else…

PS: Next month if you have this nice cases, i will be there… :wink:
PS2: Sad that the shop is closed for PCB Polivoks… Now i have holidays like mutable… :frowning:

Why don’t you order from - for quartzes you will need slightly bigger caps (see the data sheet)

yes the reichelt quartzes work good with 27 or 33pF.
Conrad are good at not carrying anything and pretending polystyrene don’t exist. also i have the impression their supposed free shipping has already been double compensated in their component prices.
rant over :slight_smile: just got a reichelt parcel yay

ok… then i go to reichelt.! reichelt is nice! fast shipping… faster than the bad switzerlands realy sad service in the last 40 days!