Alternatif firmware for 2020 modules

I’d like to know the list of alternative firmware for 2020 Mutable Instruments modules.

There is no such thing!

Shades, Ripples, Veils, Blades: all analog, no firmware at all!
Beads: source code not release, no alternative firmware yet.


Thanks for this prompt answer, but about stages and warps ?

Oh I thought you were asking about modules released in 2020!

Warps has Parasites: Warps Parasite
and Stages has qiemem’s firmware: eurorack/stages at bipolar · qiemem/eurorack · GitHub


Thank you Pichenettes, I will check both of them, is it possible to send you a private message like MP in FB ?

I just bumped into this thread, and am curious to know what (as far as you know) are the alternative firmwares available for Rings at present? As an example, I think I saw there was a new firmware (mini-rings?) that was available, is that correct?

Anyhow, I’d be curious to know if there are others, especially as I’d love to be able to access the Easter Egg mode without all the knob twiddling :wink:.

Thanks in advance Emilie, or anyone else …

There are two I know of for Rings: Rings Live and Mini-Elements. I haven’t tried mini-elements yet, but the Live firmware is excellent if all you’re looking for is a quicker way to switch between the default and Easter Egg modes

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Perfect, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I imagine changing firmware is fairly simple?

Thanks in advance.

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Yeah, it’s pretty much the same process Émilie laid out in the manual. You likely won’t even need to recalibrate after the update, either!

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