Alternate power supply for modular

I had posted in another thread about some clone T-60Bs I was going to try. I ended up buying for of them, and tossing two into a case with one of Frank’s bus boards. One of those power supplies has been on since Monday, with a self-running patch and 17 modules happily playing away. These things seem to be okay so if anyone else is interested in checking them out, you can have a look here


Cool man. I’m glad they’re working out.

Can you post a photo of the inside, with the cover removed, for comparison with the genuine T-60B? But what’s the problem with buying real a T-60B? They’re only about 30% more expensive than your clones, and their quality, performance and longevity is well established.

I couldn’t get 4 T-60Bs with shipping for $100.00 USD. The seller was open to some negotiation. 30% is quite a bit, particularly when you want a few. And, I like to have an alternative. Generally, if I have only one choice for something, I look for something else to do. Besides, maybe it’s time to establish something new.


Almost looks DIY! Actually it looks a bit more rough in the photo than in reality, not sure why.

Nah, this looks oldschool like old Korg or Roland stuff…sweet !