Alps pod @ reichelt

Hi guys,

Did anyone of you buy this pod (@ reichelt), as an alternative to the one that’s on the BOM :

I have problems finding a reasonable priced option here in Poland. Most parts I got of " " great and cheap place for all over europe :slight_smile:
The alps pods are the main problem now. . . .


the alps pots work fine, just the shaft is 6mm roiund, not D shaped so you’ll want to find different knobs for them.

be aware that the shaft is not intended to be used together with a knob. On this modell the shaft IS the knob and I don’t know of any knob that would fit (besided maybe those guitar pedal knobs that are fixed with a little screw. but never tried it.

yep exactly. they work really good. but they can be used without knob too, just looks kinda poor, but good enough for changing parameters.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
I think I’ll get a few to check them. They are not to expensive.

Just now I found a website in Poland that say they have the alps from the BOM in stock. 2,40 euro a piece, probably I order from there too.

They have loads of alps stuff, good source for Polish people here :slight_smile: They also have the SSM2164P chip.

If you get those from Reichelt, these kind of knobs should work, too:


They don’t have that “rubber” type surface, but are quite good quality, with a central screw to fix them.


PS: Ok, thanks V’cent! (Um, where do I find a manual for the syntax in this forum?)

Google ‘textile help’ .

The command you’re looking for is "text here"


I’m afraid that they don’t sell to individual customers…

In the mail the send me they offered two options.
individual customer or company

Hi guys what do you think of these pods?
(ebay link)

Those are nice. Very nice in fact, but please be aware that those in the Ebay auction have a center detent. When you sweep the pot there will be a stop in the middle.

Ow thanks for that info, I didn’t see that.
Now I have to consider if that is too much disturbing for me… :slight_smile: