All I need is a USD $55,000 bonus


Wow! I realize most of the cost of this is based on history, tradition, rarity and all of that other crap and not necessarily the sound, but some of this old stuff looks so cool for some reason.

That’s a fine instrument, but for that price?! I’d rate it highly based on my completely made up on the spot arts&crafts scale. Modern equivalents are available :smiley:


…for woodworms.

They are rare, but i’ve seen Moog Model 55 for 25 grands in good shape. So this is kinda outrageous…

@piscone: much cheaper and looks the same. Sounds damned close too.

You could just start with 2 Braids, 2 Ripples, and some other EuroRack Modules, saving $52,000 and blasting away this offer, both sonically and in regard of possibilities. In the other hand it would not smell musty.

@qp, that Studio 110 is very impressive. I figured the guy was asking maybe double what he should, but I’m watching the auction to see if some sucker (oops, I mean collector) steps up to the plate. Frank, I realize the Euro stuff is nice but I hate to admit I like the labratory look of the old-ish stuff.

After the flood we recently had in the Toronto area (I had waterfront property for a few hours), and the way my basement currently smells, I’m sure I could get a musty smell out of almost anything.

Since I was on the site, thanks to @qp, I figured I’d look around. One interesting thing is that the Studio-22 system is quite a bit less than the price of a MiniMoog but seems to offer substantially more functionality and I would think a fairly close sound. There is much about the vintage synth market I obviously don’t understand.

If you are old and need big knobs try this saving $50.000

Nice! I had not heard of them yet. I suppose I need to learn to read German.

There’s also Club of The Knobs. Or just check at Muffs or any other modular synth water hole for the Dotcom form factor.

collectors :slight_smile:
i’m glad vintage is now obsolete in the synthesizer genre.

Wait, Arizona, Doesn’t Steve Roach live/work out there?