ALIEN UFO sight in my Studio!

Something really unexplainable weired is goin on in my Studio . . Gonna Call Agent Mulder. Or better Dr. Walter Bishop - maybe he sends Mrs. Dunham… Or Zapp Brannigan. Anybody? Help

I like! (I’ve always been a sucker for the flashing lights…) How did you do that? The other day I had a silly idea of using the CV busses for doing something like this. Is that what you did? Or something equally clever but even more baffling?

very cool looking

could have been a formation of geese, or other migratory birds… have you already reported about the sighting?

btw what’s that?

have i won a kit if i happen to see that?
(showing randomly instead of the mutable logo upper left)

Llama sight on the forum!

I saw that earlier. Clicked on it, took me from the forums back to the main site. I’ve been wanting a button that does that for ages… Never realised that the Mutable logo linked back (doh!)

@fcd72 - that looks brilliant and I want to know how it’s done because it’s brilliant. THE WORLD NEEDS MOAR BLINKENLIGHTS!

Fcd72 you are definitely becoming my hero… will I learn as fast as you bring new stuff to life? I hope so.

The Llama came with the ufo to your aunties garden…

Thanx! As long as you stay to absolute basic electronics as I do, yes, no problem - but i’d like you to forward to my personal electronics hero

I first need to buy new napkins to draw the schematics on…

cool :slight_smile:

I’m still rising from the basement of electronics to the basic level :wink: Regarding your hero, he still have (maybe) my “I entroduce myself” email, so he already knows it all!

I supposed it was your personal tribute to Ashitaka from “Princess Mononoke”…

muldee that an awesome movie btw :Dfcd72 send over mrs Dunham… Much better… equipped… to handle that kinda stuff :wink:

coooool! i totally want to do this mod! hurry up digikey order!

ps nice desk fcd!

thanks oootini . . . i’d recommend everybody gettin one of these while they are cheap ;) Its a Behringer MX-8000 from the very first series made in Germany, Sound fine and mellow, next to no noise - the only backdraw is its 450W 19" 3HE Power Supply i heat the house with in the winter…

Never mind that! Blinkin lights dammit! How? Oh gracious one… Tell us how they blink and sync up to LFO’s 'n stuff
Im still thinking some CV bus shenanigans is going on, but being somewhat new to the whole Shruthi party, im still a bit “Eh?!” on the matter…

Ok, i made it, i’ve stolen the Schematics from the UFO in the video above an made a scetch on a paper towel snapped right away from the UFOs Kitchen (yes, Aliens obviously like to spill . . . ähem . . . things and need lots of ZEWAs )… here it is.

Note: Hey Julian, this time i was faster!

Gosh… Even simpler than I thought… Presumably however, the LFO’s are not automatically routed the the aux CV outputs though? So this has to be set per patch, or no?
Thanks for sharing!

This is a shot i took from the UFOs Control Panel and shows how the Aliens make it Blink…

Now go make your own UFO! You have all the Informations, theres nothing hidden, we revealed all, Area 51 open for Public visit…

Please, a video with step sequencer or arpeggiator as a source! (use stpsqA / stpsqB to sequence to distinct patterns).

Your wish is my bidding Master™ . . .

Video1 Video2

hey fcd72
I’ve just discovered the UFO : D
congrats! that’s really funny, and could be very useful for monitoring LFO rates.