AKAI s612 SYSEX strings?

Hello, not even a week after I mention this sampler on the forums, I get one too cheap to pass up.
Does anyone here know what the SYSEX strings for controlling the front panel are? There is no option - that I can find in the manual or on the unit - that allows for SYSEX to be sent over MIDI out so I can not use my MIDI monitor to fetch the strings. :frowning:
Naturally, I want to make a Ctrlr panel for this. Mostly because I have no other way to save the preset data. I can dump the sample over SYSEX thanks to Sample Wrench - another great program that I just learned about and it also does this for the Korg DSS series.
Anyway, the manual says that it can receive and send SYSEX messages, but it doesn’t elaborate any further. If any one here may know a way to figure out the SYSEX strings, I would really appreciate that. :slight_smile:

On one side note, there are only 9 parameters that I need to remember to make a patch. However, the loop points are controlled by dedicated sliders that are a bit fiddly to get back to the same exact point, and it does not display the current sample number. It may also be cool to automate the filter sweeps with a CC as there is no filter modulation available - only vibrato. Not that the filter is that great. It is there for anti-aliasing as there isn’t even any resonance.

One final side note, does anyone have an AX60 they are willing to part with? The s612 came with the link cable, but no AX60 or other compatible synthesizer.

Well, I can’t figure out anything SYSEX string wise. I am glad I only paid 15USD for this sampler as I am not too enthralled with the sonic result. I can get the same kind of sounds out of my DAW as the “live loop point manipulation” isn’t 100% true. You need to re trigger the MIDI note before the new loop points take effect, so no live sweeps. Not to mention the cutoff only filter is quite dull.

I am not sure running this though an external synthesizer would be worth all the extra trouble. I am also not going to waste my time looking for a Quick Disk drive for this. There are much better vintage samplers available! Even as a tool to add “lo fi” dirt it isn’t that great. It sounds very digital and cold.

As a final nail in the coffin, even running it though the warm Shruthi filter doesn’t make it sound good.

In short, I do not recommend this sampler.

Did you news about his strings sysex?