So i do have a small amount of cash laying around and i am probable going to blow it on a midi controller, i have asked about m audio and such others before but never really looked into this one. So i guess i am just wondering if anyone has a sound cloud with a shruthi and a mpk 25, a video link or just experience with the two.

The MPK Mini has a small USB port that is prone to breaking if it gets bumped. The solder leads will separate from the PCB and it is difficult SMD work to fix it. I recommend the Arturia stuff. It is a better build.

So i ordered a case from the shop a week ago, i did some more work (caps and resistors fully done). So to my surprise today a mailman knocked on my door (i dont get mail at home) then the bigger one came when i opend the package i had my mounting hardware, plexi glass houseing and a st of yellow magic pcb’s so thanks for the free bee Oliver i hope to finish m 4pm and build the yellow magic sometime after september. (awesome company to deal with alot of over seas shit dont ever make it to me this makes it with sample pcbs)

whoops wrong thread was aiming for my 4pm thread

I would never recommend any MIDI keyboard which relies only on USB power, and even less on miniUSB, for the reasons@xtrmnt commented.
These new cheap MIDI keyboards (M-Audio and most Novation and Akai controllers) with USB power constrain you to use the computer whether you like it or not.
Other options like the Alesis Q25 have a MIDI 5-pin output and 9V power in, so you can connect it to your MI synth and forget about computers…
Just 2 cents…