Again on VCF tuning on SMR

Hi there,
I’ve finished the build of my Shruthi some time ago, but I couldn’t get the results I wanted from tuning the filter resonance. I’ve found the setting of the pot, where the resonance was exactly one octave apart when putting one octave notes with midi. But this setting caused that frequency cutoff of filter was so low, it took more value than about 35-40 on the filter knob for the sound to start to be heard. Also that’s not the setting which gives good result for the e-piano preset, as mentioned in some of threads on this forum. I tried to find another setting for the pot, in which filter sounds better, but all I got is fairly good sounding filter, but resonance is about 1-2 semitones apart and what is the worst I’m at the edge of potentiometer capabilities. Can’t go lower with the settings. As I can see the pot is connected with 47k resistor, is it the good idea to change that to allow me to go the direction I mentioned?