Again need some help with a website

As you know I design websites from time to time, though I’d really like to get out of this business…
With a friend I’ve been cooking up a gear-related deals website, which is mainly focusing on cameras and lenses for now… but I’d really like it to feature more music related stuff. My partner does not believe it will generate enough traffic tough…

Now I’d need volunteers for two things:

  • first, general testing, things that don’t work, the usual
  • second, if enough people post deals about music stuff, I can convince my partner to open a dedicated music gear section. So help me convince him and post some music related deals (in the “other” section)! I think the world needs a website where you can find deals about music gear!
    Feel free to post DIY deals as well… actually a components section would be really handy too, don’t you think?

The website is this one:

Maybe I can find some little things to give to the volunteers in exchange, I’m thinking of something…


it looks ok , although I would question the wording “Special deal” when the "price is not set"
I’ll have a dip in and out of the links

as to little things , I’ll take a Braids :wink: lol


Unfortunately I don’t have lots of Braids laying around :smiley:

It’s a good looking site - just a couple of ideas for you though -
Any way you can automatically remove ebay items once they’ve ended?
And… some indication of what is new and what is used would be helpful.
cheers :slight_smile:

theoretically expired deals should be automatically hidden, but it could be that they’re still tweaking that. We’re also working on a “mark deal as dead” button.
About new and used… well that’s up to the poster to write that, if they don’t then just vote them down or leave a comment telling them (so you can test that functionality too!) :slight_smile: comes to mind. they’re a pretty successful music deals website you could aggregate from

Perhaps you could add a way for users to add their own catagories, although you would have to go through and remove duplicates every now and then. Also it’s not that obvious what the difference between Hottest and Latest is, I guess you need to define “Hot”.
Another thing is to add your local currency, or have it to convert and add the postage cost. So for example im in the UK so if I click on Canon I would like to have Canon cameras rated by the money off, eg nice big “£500 including shipping to UK - 50% Off RRP” price shown.

Nice idea for a site. Hope it goes well.

Sorry for not having replied here in ages… it’s all been very messy.
portervance: I've checked hellomusic, they seem to be a pretty closed plaform... like you need to become a member to even see the discounted prices.Dunk: adding your own cats will undoubtedly turn the website in a huge mess, believe me, I’ve seen this before. :slight_smile:
Regarding the definition of “hot” well I thought this would be obvious, I mean a hot deal is a hot deal. while latest is just a matter of chronology. People can rate the deals and that defines the “hotness”. So the highest rated deals are the hottest.
Good idea qith the convertion, it’s actually on our todo list… but apparently it’s a bit more complex than we thought. But we’re working on it.
Shipping might also be a good addition, thought that is really a tricky one, since shipping depends on a whole lot of factors.

Anyway… we now have a music and sound category! Finally!

I don’t want to spam this forum with this, so if anybody is interested in giving me feedback on the website please drop me a line at: hanzobyte (at) gmail

Anyway… I keep finding some really good deals around, so you might want to check the website from time to time. And if you have some good deals let me know (or post them yourself).
Actually if this becomes an active platform I think I can use this to promote some products from a well known French synth maker too…

I need to promote this website a bit more so I think we’ll be buying some ads on synth and music related websites. Can you tell me which big websites I could consider apart from Synthtopia and CDM? I don’t like those big portas like Sonic State much… so I don’t really know much about them.

the local gets a lot of visitors i think…

thanks! Will check it out. We might focus on international sites first though…