||| after Randomize, Sound impossible to stop |||

Hi, when i randomize a preset, it sounds without playin on a key, and it’s impossible to stop it…

can you help me??


Are you pressing the right keys? You hold S6 and press S2, if you hold S1 then you’ll trigger the test note mode.

@yoggy: One of the parameter that can be randomized is mod matrix slot 9. That is the amount of ENV2 that controls the VCA. You will need to check that parameter first before anything else.


The randomize function creates a truly random sound, and it’s perfectly possible to use the Shruthi or Ambika to create droning sounds in which the VCA is always open irrespectively of the envelope.

@pichenettes It would be cool to have some levels of randomization - from today’s totally random down to ‘quite basic patch’. I find I usually have to tame the sound before it approaches anything controllable. Then again, this may be beter suited for a software editor.

Yes, software editor territory since there’s no room for this in the code. You could even create a script that would generate random banks, there was one for the MIDIBox FM.

So reducing the envelope 2 release should stop it droning? Or it could it be something else. I’ve had the same thing happen to me. As an aside yes a more controllable random would be nice, but pure random is the best!

No, this behavior is due to envelope 2 being disconnected from the VCA - the modulation matrix is flexible enough to allow that.