After fixing Midi issue the display remains dark

Hi folks,
after fixing an unreliable 6N137 and resoldering an unfit tactlie switch, i did a test and everything was fine.
Put my old baby back into the enclosure and suddenly my display remains dark. Dark in means that the backlight still works, but no characters do show up any more. The rest as midi and audio works fine. Of course i reflowed the pins of the display and checked for continuity between pcb and display first. As this SMR MKII is nearly one year old and worked fine so far, it would be nearly unbelievable if it would be the trimmer, and now i am kinda clueless how to go on. I would appreciate any kind of suggestions.

What is the voltage on the middle pin of the trimmer?

I measure 0.8 V

Sounds good - unlikely to be the trimmer then. I really have no idea what it could be :frowning:

Routinely resolder all joints from ATMega to Display…

Ouch, then i fear it may be the display itself. Maybe i should build another digi board…

Never ever - i will go for a chainsaw !

dremel makes chainsaws? why dont i know of it?? why doesnt anybody tell me???

Ok, it looked like the display died of mechanical stress. Any suggestions for a cheap supplier in Germany ? The prices of Reichelt or Conrad are ridicolous ! … but you’ll have to wait a couple of weeks…

reichelt has nice OLEDS…

Just for the case, if i use OLEDs, do i need the 220R resistor ?

Pfff, forget it 30 € + for a display…

Which 220R resistor?

Forget it - wrong box :wink:
Ok, i will think about which way to go. I think a new control board would be the more reliable way to go. I have pretty much everything here, except the board and the display.

Zyscom via EvilBay?

OMFG - shopping frenzy !