Advise a newbie -- first shruthi?

I’m a newcomer to the world of synthesizers, rapidly being seduced by the DIY electronics world. Seems I discovered this a little late as MI no longer sells the Shruthi and its cousins. I’ve come here to ask opinions on how (or whether) to get started building/using these wonderful sounding little things.

Things I’ve considered doing:

  • buy an assembled Shruthi from somewhere and get down to making noises
  • buy a kit from tubeohm and see if I can make it
  • buy some PCBs from somewhere and try to source the parts etc.

What would you recommend to a newcomer? I have some limited experience of building circuits up from schematics on a breadboard and a bit of soldering but that’s it – is a Shruthi a step too far? Are the tubeohm kits decent? Does someone here want to sell me a kit of parts or a built Shruthi or…? (In case it’s relevant, I’m in the UK.)

This is all a bit vague but I’d appreciate any nudges you can give. Cheers!

For your first one I’d recommend buying a kit from tubeohm. I have bought his boards before and they are nice. I imagine a full kit would be fine. He has a great reputation around here.

TubeOhm is where you will get good kits in the EU. I think you can’t do wrong. As a kit, the Shruthi is relatively easy to build - everything is designed neat and tidy without excessive ratsnest-wiring etc.
I have a Polivoks Shruthi for sale, in case you want one of these.

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The TubeOhm PCBs are slightly easier than original MI ones to solder. The pads are a little bigger.

Obviously go for the filter board with the least amount of components first. The SMR4 board was the beginner board from MI.

Thanks (especially toneburst…X X???)
I can’t figure out which board of the TubeOhm ones is the easiest build; I guess I can ask directly.
Pretty sure I’ll be back soon asking for lots of help…

The “phoenix” section has the option to buy a control board and the filter board. SMR4 is an option in the drop down list.

It’s a nice 24db low pass filter.