Advices for a newbie from a newbie to build a Shruthi

Hi guys !

Well, reading a post yesterday with someone having trouble with MIDI in and out AFTER soldering the LCD made me think that giving some advices from a newbie (my only solders before shruthi were to make my own jacks and XLR cables…) to build the shruthi could help some people…Here are the “troubles” I encountered:

  • always check your midi in AND out BEFORE soldering the LCD…if nothing’s coming in or out and you’re sure you put all the things in the right place, then it’s probably due to a bad solder joint (which has been a redundant problem with my first shruthi). if no MIDI in, check you have power between pin 5 (GND) and pin 8 (+ 5V) of the 6n137 optocoupler (maybe you fried it !). Also check the solders of the 220 R near MIDI in and out…

  • be sure you don’t stay too long on a soldering pad with your iron to avoid burning a track…Especially when you see you soldered the 8 pin connector between digiboard and filterboard on the wrong side of the digiboard…If so, then you’ll have to build bridges…(do you feel like a bridge ingeneer?)

  • if a LED doesn’t light on, be sure the solders of the eight 220 R are good…

  • be careful before soldering your trimmers…make sure they’re at their place…desoldering them is a pain in the ass (maybe someone has some tips to help…)…Once again, check twice or more the solder joints of the corresponding trimmer if you fail hearing sound during the tuning operations…

Hope this helps…Moderator, if you think this post is not helping, just delete it…I won’t be ashamed !



(Time spent checking and verifying that the part is the correct one and is correctly oriented) x (desoldering and board reworking skills) >= BIG CONSTANT

In my case, I totally suck at desoldering and reworking boards, so I spend a lot of time checking and verifying the parts.

“In my case, I totally suck at desoldering and reworking boards, so I spend a lot of time checking and verifying the parts.”

Thats a relief… Im glad I am not the only one then!

If it can reassure you more, 2 weeks ago I threw away a digital board because I soldered the 40 DIP socket for the MCU on the wrong size of the board.

wowwwww, so concentration mistakes do not only happen to me?! :wink:

Desoldering is a pain. Avoid it at all costs. The first thing you should consider is how you are going to house the unit. The mutable casing sells out quickly. I didn’t have a case but wanted to hear my new unit, so I soldered everything up and was able to quickly play with my shruthi, BUT it was two boards held together by wires on my table. The point is I had to make my own casing and that was a pain because I had already soldered all the LEDs and potentiometers. In hindsight, I should have just waited for a mutable case, or designed something with a lot of the components off-board.