Advice on desoldering an IC Socket that's causing voice card issues?

Hi all!

I’m midway through an ambika build using an old MI kit I bought off of someone who had it sitting in their closet collecting dust, and have run into a bit of a snag. After soldering my third voice card - the first two having successfully worked - I plugged the board into the Ambika and, unfortunately, got no ‘data’ light. I first checked that all of the parts were in the correct place, which they appear to be, then figured it was a cold solder joint, and soldered a few suspect joints; however, no such luck.

Then, while looking over the board, I realized one of the IC sockets - specifically, the one housing the third LM13700N - had one of its legs sticking out from under the socket and pressed against the board, instead of going through the joint. This, I figured, would explain the lack of data light.

I ordered a solder sucker, as well as some solder wick, but I’m still working through getting all of the solder off (the sucker did the first few joints well, but very quickly became useless [probably user error], and I’m not yet experienced with the wick) - my main question is, does anyone have any advice on what might help get the socket off? The large number of legs and difficulty in getting a good grip on it is giving me some trouble when trying to remove it from the board.


Best to destroy the plastic part of the socket with wire snips, then you can desolder each pin individually.


Ah, rough. Guess I should get on ordering another socket then. Thanks for the help!

Ended up taking off the bit you solder to on the board by accident. Think I may just have to order another board and parts from OHM :confused:

Yeah, I think I’m just going to have to call quits on this one. All I get is a little bit of green LED flicker, then nothing, even with my most creative attempt to solder the IC directly via a creative version of ‘surface mount’ soldering. RIP board