Adsr to plaits level in

Hi all,
I’d like to know if it is possible to patch an ADSR gate out to the level cv of Plaits.
It’s the same results I get if I patch it on a VCA module or I can use the Plait’s vca?
Thanks a lot

You mean the CV out?

You can do it of course, with two (adjustable) differences compared to a regular VCA:

  • Plaits’ LEVEL input is, by default, a VCFA, but this can be changed to a regular VCA.
  • By default, the LEVEL input has a non-immediate response time (like a small attack and a longer release), but this can be adjusted.

Check the “Adjusting the internal LPG and envelope” section of the manual.

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Uh yeah! cv out… :slight_smile:
Ok thanks a lot so with some settings on Plaits i can patch an ADSR to level (as VCA) of plaits
Thanks a lot!!!