Addition to makenoise 0 Coast

Just looking for some advice. I have the Makenoise 0 Coast. I am thinking about putting together to a small case with Mutable Instruments devices. If you had about 700 euro what would you get? Thanks

depends on what you want to achieve.

2x tides + 1x blinds is always a great combo for adding some very powerful, flexible (and clockable) modulation options (and tides is also a brilliant audio oscillator, and blinds a ring modulator).

ripples would add substractive synthesis.


and a Clouds if u can afford it of course…a Peaks is always useful too…

ok i will have a look at these, and have more of a think about what Im trying to do:) Thanks

i would say that the first thing to add to a 0-coast would be a vca (or several), in order to be able to modulate modulation depths.

this could be a very basic solution, like a doepfer a-132-1 + a-183-1/a-183-2, or a much more powerful and versatile vc attenuverter/polarizer/ring modulator like blinds, as recommended above.

then you can make up your mind if you want to add additional modulation sources like tides or peaks, or audio modifiers/processors like ripples, rings, clouds, …

Twin Peaks and Clouds