Adding more knobs to the Shruthi

I’ve only just finished assembling my first Shruthi-1 but I’ve seen pics around of mods (like the ‘XT’ version) which has a lot more knobs for function control. A quick search of the forums didn’t turn up much (might just be that the search function isn’t working properly!) but does anyone have any info on how to start looking into adding manual control of more of the synth’s functions??

you need to search for "programmer! fcd72 is the man who makes the XT kits.
The kit consists of a PCB with a bunch of chips that “translate” the pot movements for the Shruthi, lots of pots and a case. Be prepared to solder a huge lot of pots one by one…
It’s lots of work, but I’d say that it’s really worth it.
Though it also depends on the type of shruthi filter. Some filters mean you need to tweak a lot of stuff in the matrix, making a programmer (which does not have direct access to the matrix) less interesting… but it also depends on how you like to tweak your sound.

Ah I see. Thanks for the link! Not too worried about soldering pots; I got the standard kit with the SMR-4 mkII filter so hopefully a bit of reading searching that username will suggest whether that sort of filter is useable or not.

There is a “Shruthi programmer more PCBs available” thread. Read through that, then ask fcd72 if he has more PCBs available. If he does, buy one, just in case. The filter you have works great with the programmer.

Or you could just use a MIDI controller like the BCR-2000. The Shruthi can be controlled with CCs.