Adding LEDs to a guitar neck

Has anyone done it? any tips on how to do it easily?

A friend can’t see his guitar neck too well in low light due to his eyesight and thought about doing this.

I’d suggest he should get on of those reading lamp clip on thingies for books ?

I’ve seen this mod somewhere but it’s really a lot of labor and it looks damn difficult. I think you need to remove the fretboard, which means that you have to remove the frets and unglue it (barely possible), then get to drill the neck so you can get some cables to run along the trussrod
I believe it’s a really, really high-level mod.

Maybe sand off the varnish, use some fluorescent paint, then varnish again ; or even replacing the small wood dots by another, more visible material would be of better help, although already requiring some wood-working skills.
Or playing with a headlamp :smiley:

edited : corrected what was really wrong so to avoid confusions for people reading too fast.

Here’s a company that does the service

Or a cheaper kit


I would suggest this one…
No serious mods needed


I did it one time. It was extremely difficult and time consuming, and the effect was mediocre, I suggest glow in the dark markers. Or just but a fretlight guitar.

For best visibility in low light I would suggest a maple fretboard with back block inlays. Of course that’s only a solution if you’re up for a new guitar that offers these options… I personally play basses that don’t even have fretboard markers, just side dots.I feel that I have to tilt the instrument in an uncomfortable way to see the fretboard at all. And I stick a small white triangular piece cut from an ordinary white sticker label on the side of the neck at the 8th fret, between the existing 7th and 9th markers. I can play the lower positions by feel alone, and higher up the sticker is a very visible reference point. Side markers are usually made from plastic rods that exist in different colors and thicknesses, so it should be relatively easy (at least compared to removing the fretboard) to drill them out to a larger diameter and replace them with dots of a larger diameter and with higher contrast. I believe these plastic rods also exist in glow-in-the-dark. If in doubt, I’m sure every good guitar repair shop can do this.