Adding "internal" leds

finally, nearly finished the shruthi. i’ve got a clear case, and would like to add leds internally. would it be ok to solder an extra led to the underside of a control led? or just run leds from +5 with a resistor and then gnd?

i guess both should work- as long as the psu delivers the juice you should be able to add as many additional leds as you like.
looking forward for your pics/videos :wink:

Use CV1 + CV2 out and don’t forget the 220R Resistors…

UFO coverage

cool. cheers.

rats. i have to desolder all the leds. the farnell spacer is too high…

is it ok to increase the led resistors btw? i have some orange leds that are slightly too bright at 220…

Yes it’s OK to use a higher resistor.

Which spacer did you get?

try 330Ror 470R - dimming LEDS is a bit difficult so make first a flying test :wink:

spacer was this one on farnell: 9555366. no biggie. i’m a desoldering whizz. :slight_smile:


if i were to file down the leds i’d have to get right down to the light emitting part. i’ve had to desolder 128 leds from a monome before, no sweat for 7 shruthi leds!

must have had some high lumen leds. needed 3k3 resistors to calm it down. they’re only drawing an extra .5 v more than the 220 resistros, so i presume that’ll be fine. now, on to the finish line!

Are these white or blue?

orange. they were left over from an arduinome build, IIRC they were rated at something like 2000 lumens. hella bright.

2000 lumen? That would burn a dirsuptor-like hole in your ceiling… i think its 2000 mcd? Never saw this bright in orange, do you remember where you got them?

haha, oops tech lingo malfunction. yeah 2000 or so mcd sounds about right. i got them from farnell. haven’t a clue what the code was, i still have the bag at home and can post the order code if you’re interested later…

yeah baby, thats orange!

Seeing as the middle PCB support holes were removed on later Shruthi boards, I figured I’d use the holes on my earlier v0.5 PCB to home 2 X 3mm LED’s… Wired to CV1 & 2 outs (with resistors)
They are a bit bright still… But do a great job showing LFO speed.

(Sorry, cruddy phone cam pict again)

And i told Olivier that these Holes are total usesless unless NASA wants to build a MilSpec SpaceSavy Shruthi - man, i was wrong!

Great idea Paul!

Will order a couple of 3mm LEDs and erm copy your idea!

Go for it :slight_smile: It’s very easy to do… And the LED’s are simply glued in, with a hot melt gun thing…
It could probably have done with more resistance for the LED’s I used, but seeing as you can scale the CV output in the settings, it doesn’t really matter too much…