Adding Custom FX on Shruthi

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It is completely impossible to run anything even remotely similar to a VST plugin in terms of computation requirements on the minimalistic Shruthi platform.


It’s a very simple fx 32bit. Gate Effect vst.

Well, you can pass audio through the Shruthi vca and filter to gate signals. Other than that I think you need to have a look at the source code to get an understanding if what you want to achieve is feasible.



This is the effect and vst I want to put in the shruthi or MIDIpal -

Is it possible ?


Shruthi does neither do any conversion of the incoming audio to digital signal (DAC), nor have any memory for such sampled signal.

The closest you can get is simple midi automated gating of the incoming signal through the Shruthi vca and filter (but not stutter/looping) with the existing firmware.


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would probably be looking at something like a [

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