Adding a Pitch wheel with programmer? (Solved!)

So I am one of the peeps building a programmer also, and I have encountered a bit of a problem.

I am building my shruthi 1 into a case with a keyboard and everything as well as the programmer.

The problem is the keyboard I bought is one of those old cheap musicstar ones and it has no pitch bend which is a real importance to me as I do a lot of solos and stuff. Is there a way to use one of the extra analog inputs on the board (like cv 2? perhaps) to attach to a pitch wheel? My next choice is either have a single arduino (or highly liquid midi cpu) with a pitch bender attached and link the musicstar and it via midi in and out or gut the keyboard, use a midi cpu or arduino and figure out all the damn pins of the key matrix.

I don’t mind having to enable it in the menu, if I can.

Is this at all possible?

you have either CVins or the programmer (you’ll have to make that decision in the system menu)
so you’d probably have to do it via midi.

If all else fails, there is always this:

I actually broke down today, and just used the midi cpu, I was able to (fairly easily) trace the select and data lines. I got them hooked up and a center detented pot, now I am just working out the weird sysex code to get it to work. I think I might add a couple more weird sensors (like a ribbon controller or pressure sensitive thing) to it. Expansion port maybe?

friend put a dopefer in his homebrew