Added: Allow the Midipal editor to load sysex

It would be cool to be able to load a sysex dump so you can tweak changes if your rules arent working as well as you like in the real world. Right now I am taking screenshots of each version so I can manually re-enter the data if I want to add rules/make changes.

Yes, I planned to do something like that. Maybe not “load a SysEx”, but save a text file with the settings that you can copy/paste.

That would be great… and then there could be some rules archive for users to try out as well!

MIDIpal editor app can now reload .syx files and retrieve rules from it

great feature!

HELL YES. Is there a mutable tip jar somewhere?

Can we have a link to load added to the main app page?


Thanks! Saves me from having two bookmarks :smiley: