Add headphone output


I miss headphones output on the Anushri. What do you think of this ?

My main concern is about the bipolar voltage. Can the Anushri provide such voltage ?

Anushri either provides bipolar voltage or already receives it (if you power it from your euro system via the euro power in), depends on your setup.

Yes of course Anushri is powered by +/- 5V.

So I guess I can get the voltages from these pins:

You can get the +5V from there, the -5V doesn’t have such a point.

How should I get it then ?

Hallo acidhouseforall,

the amp is not strong enough for Headphones. These are better: MC34119 OnSemi, TS34119 Conrad, NJM2113, TDA7050/TDA2822 ore TS922 (

HighEnd Headphone-Amp with OPA2134 :

Greetings Rolf

On this picture all the green points are -5V

Then take a good look at the schematics and try to find those points there.
Then you can find the traces on the PCB wich cary the negativ rail. You will find a good point to solder something there.
But be sure you know what you are doing and check for shorts before you put power on anything you make.

All info is on the build page
Just try to read the schematics. You don’t have to understand how every part works to be able to trace the power rails or the signal flow.

Thanks a lot Shiftr !