Add envelope follower to Sidekick


You have any idea to add a envelope follower for Sidekick ?


PS: It’s possible to order only Polivoks filter board for sidekick ?

The Polivosk Filterboard won’t work with the Sidekick, until you are willing to build some kind of Filterswitchamatron. By default the Polivoks Filter Mode is controlled by the Digital Board, refer to the Building Instructions

Yes, if you see a digital IC on a filter board (74hc595, ATMega), it cannot work with the Sidekick without heavy modifications.

Doing an envelope follower would be a bit complicated since the input audio signal is received on the filter board ; not on the contrl board.

Ok, thanks et tant pis ;).

In your doc there is a paragraph “Using the filter board without digital control”, it’s a error?

No it’s not an error, it describes the modifications that must be done (adding manual switches in place of the 4053).

It’s not heavy modifications? it’s possible with a custom box ^^


its all in the Building instructions, may i suggest you actually read it?

It states:

Using the filter board without digital control

If you want to use this filter board with manual control of the filter modes (for example from a Sidekick, or from a Shruthi=1 hooked to a programmer), just remove the CD4053, and look at the spot on the PCB with 3 pins marked ‘LP BP’. Connect a SPDT switch there, with the center pin connected to the first pad, and the 2 other pins connected to the pads marked BP / LP. You now have a manual BP / LP selector.

To activate the FM feedback, connect the two pads marked FM (a switch can be used to make this connection switchable).

env follower is not that hard to do i guess. you could try this one
i am experimenting with env followers myself, but didn`t yet find a good schematic. (or maybe doing stupid mistakes)
the one i linked works for me, but with some modification.
i am driving a led with it, so no idea, if the output is 0 to 5V (i guess you would need that for the cv in of the filter board.)
i imagine, it would be nice to habe that with the sidekick. maybe also beeing able to mix the cv of the follower with the lfo and env. should be easy to expand the cv mixing circuit oin the sidekick for that.