Acoustic Synth

and you can create LFO with elleipse gear !

That Legossilator could be the best way ever ! ^^ (proud fan of Lego contruction)

Yes, this was already done to perfection many years back:

And of course done with tubes:

On that last one there is a wonderful site about the complete rebuild of one of these beasts here

Hammond B3 is for girly men! The Hans and Franz version C3 is the same, but forgoes the spindly legs and other ornamentation. Instead it packs on a massive oak cabinet and 100 more pounds of weight. Or get an RT3 for even more poundage…

love the legoscillator name :slight_smile:

Now this Luminist Garden is more what I’d have in mind for an acoustic synth:

(click on the name to hear a performance!)