Acoustic Synth

Anybody else seen this?
Acoustic Synth

Its a Meeblip in a LaserCut Plywood Case with a Speaker. Period.

If this is “Design for a new type of electronic musical instrument” as the Author Claims in his Bachelor Thesis
then Little Dieter is the one and only Modular Synth reinventing the whole Music Industrie and breaking with each habit ever been since R.A.Moog and Don Buchla were born.

Kids these days :slight_smile:
Someone I know is making a slightly updated modern clone (as much as possible is original) of an ARP 2600. Is that also an acoustic synthesizer? It has stereo speakers…
Run those off an efficient class-D amp and power it from batteries and you’ll have a synthesizer sound system to load on a pick-up truck/flattop.

What I expected was something functionally similar to a synth, but in which all elements (oscillators, filters, modulation sources) are made with small physical systems and sensors/mics. Like this totally awesome Eurorack Noise module

No i want one instead of my A-118 … thank you Olivier.

That is completely awesome. I wonder what the soundwave is most closely like (obviously noise but its got a warmth, maybe a Squoise Wave?). Curious about what laser is being used as this could very easily be modified through a range of substrates for a variety of effects. For that matter LDRs or other visual recievers. Colored lenses and other objects to alter the light/frequency. What a cool experiment.

No i know what to do with these

Laser harp… :smiley:

Yeah, the acoustic synth guy has obviously never heard of the Yamaha CS-01 or the Korg Monotribe!

Gieskes is the man!

my thoughts exactly
re the eggtimer , does the colour of the noisce change depending what sand you use? :wink:

Thats exactly the question. I already ordered Eggtimers, Laser and servos so the Module can turn over the Timer with an Gate Impulse :wink:

fcd72: next: a frequency divider / sub-harmonic generator that uses wheels and gears :slight_smile:

@pichenettes: crossing beams!

This is a fine set of parts :slight_smile: I wonder what kind of intervals and ratios you can get out of that!

Its from a famous danish toy company. Maybe i can also make Wheels from Plexi that i can attach to these for more weird Ratios. Do you think they will sue me when i call it LEGOscillator?

BTW isnt it wonderfull how even the shallowest attempts to Synthesis are derailed to something substantial weird here?

Call it model 0937 then :smiley:


very Raymond Scott

I also expected a something like a real ‘acoustic’ synth. I think you can get a very far with those wheels fcd… An acoustic version of the tonewheel organ. With special resonance chambers wich can vary in size as filters…

Some good stuff here which could be electronically controlled…