Acid 8

A new box from Twisted Electrons. Quite good for chipytune sounds and more it seems.


Can’t help but think that even a smallish display would make the usability a lot better. I guess it depends how often you use something like that.

What would the display be needed for? Looking at the manual, I can’t really think of anything where a display would add much. If anything, I really like how small and focussed they’ve kept it. :slight_smile:

I like that with the software editor you can edit the sequencer and DRAW WAVEFORMS! :slight_smile:

wow a “8bit” digital synth that doesnt sound like garbage? Color me interested.

Well, it has an analogue filter…

@6581punk, t2k: haven’t looked at this one in any detail, but from my experience with therapsid i know that alex is great at making minimalist user interfaces very powerful and hands-on. i love how easily you can assign modulation routings and program the sequencer on therapsid - so i’m pretty sure that this new one will also work great without a display.

I also have a Therapsid.I must say it’s a greta piece of work though i haven’t used it much yet. I’m amazed that it’s one of the best takes on the much tried concept of a SID synth. I had some technical/quality problems but he helpt me quite fast.
One thing with the twisted electrons stuff is that it’s quite DIY-ish. In the video’s they show really flashy and nice (but a bit dark) images that flatter the boxes. In reality it are glued together laser cut plexi enclosures with a small piece of wood on the sides. Not that it really matters that much but the video and pictures give a little different impression.

Actually now i think of it it would be great if he could match up with Adrian who is making the great metal shruthi enclosures.

I love my Therapsid.

All I would want to display for is for indicating a few operations, copy, paste and maybe for chaining. It’s not a deal breaker :slight_smile:

And yes, they’re aren’t as expensive as they look in the pictures. But looks aren’t everything, it’s a tool not a jewel.

Drawing Waveforms is vastly overrated……

Indeed. Makes more sense to build waveforms additively like on the oscar.

…or the Poly-800 (in a less cool way)…


I like drawing waveforms, reminds me of Aegis Sonix on the Amiga.

@fcd72, t2k

That’s what I was thinking in the back of my mind. But I like drawing things anyway (said the architect).

Pretty sure I already have my hybrid synth bases covered at the moment.

@Fresh Pants
Adding interesting Waveforms is much more fun. Try a VS :wink:

I was wondering when you’d shoehorn the Prophet VS into the thread, fcd72 :wink:


Incidentally, I remember Aegis Sonix. There was an Amiga 1200 in the Art department of my school, in the early 90s, and I used to fiddle with Sonix at lunchtime, sometimes.


Actually, some of the VS waves were drawn, then selected for what sounded interesting. At least according to Chris Meyer

Aegis Sonix was probably the one of theworlds first soft-synths. I don’t remember seeing anything much else around then. On early samplers you could do all sorts of non-real time interpolation and morphing, but Sonix was realtime on a 7.14Mhz processor.


Yes, they were drawn and they had a model which was printed on some ancient Synths Front Panel…

To rerail- why drawing a waveform is bad: there are a zillion different waveforms to be drawn, sadly only a fraction of them will sound good, most will sound like muffled noise at best (at least to my experience).
Interestingly mixing 2 good sounding waveforms almost every time gives you another good sounding one. This is my experience with the Tabula Rasa Module rather from the Synth thats has a V in its name. Conclusion: another opportunity of the universal principle that it just goes wrong because there are so much more “wrong” than “right” opportunities. Think of this when you are next time in the perceived slowest queue in the Supermarket.