Accessing clouds parameters trough inline function in cv_scaler.h


I am trying to access the parameters in clouds /dsp/parameters.h from the cv_scaler.h

i tried with a little inline function which should return the param. but i am so unfamiliar with this notations “->” and pointers… and it seems to return 0 all the time.

for example like this to access the texture parameter:

inline float texture_value() {
Parameters* parameters;
return parameters->texture;


Parameters* parameters creates a pointer… to nothing.
return parameters->texture; reads the texture field of the Parameters structure pointed at by parameters. And of course this field contains no valid data.


Also, you’re missing something: CvScaler doesn’t own the parameters. It owns the ADC and the calibration settings, and is responsible for using those to compute the value of the parameters. The parameters are owned by GranularProcessor.


ok thanks - i got it that the cv_scaler is reading, smoothing and constraining the adc values (cv_scaler::read)
and the ui:DoEvents respectively ui:OnSwitchRelease then proccesses according to the set UI mode.

so i thought maybe a good place to read the values back also, i don’t wanna alter them, just read and display.

in the granularprocessor is it done with the
Parameters parameters_; // in the :private part of the class

and then read like:

tried that with no luck either - noobnoobnoob.rrr


What are you trying to do?


all over i try to replace clouds user interface. looks now more like a u_O_C. no more pots no more leds, but instead a oled 4trig ins and 4 cv ins.
i want a generic module that is able to process and generate audio, just like the O_C but for audio not for CV

so i try to modulate the cv ins and display them. the granular processor responds to the CV changes but they arent displayed.

turned out it’s a very ambitious goal for me…

here’s what it looks like


In Ui, you can do processor_->parameters().freeze


THANKS!!! values are read and displayed!

i’ll have to learn a loot about programming stuff on this journey…


Get in touch with the Halcyon Modular people who seem to be working on an audio version of O&C based on the Teensy 3.6 and the Teensy audio shield, as far as I can tell from a video of a workshop they held recently (published by Modular8 on YouTube).


hm - the video is pretty fresh. i think im gonna write them and see what their up to. interesting.

seems like HW-features will be similiar in their approach, i also put a sd-card on the board in the pic above on spi1’s pins, which i freed while getting rid of the orignal UI. like that it could also act as a sample player/recorder for bigger files, once i get all the fatfs stuff running (this is not going to be fun for me i guess)

what i like about oliviers designs is that they are bare-metal. aldought, theres nothing bad to say about teensys, its just a preference (which is going to make my life a little harder).

another thing is that i’ll follow some physical design rules. i run the little brand “seismic industries”, which aims to be eurorack conform, but just a little flatter for those who want it. I don’t put parts higher that 3mm on the backside and i use angled connectors for the power, like that i sacrifice a little physical UI space, but the things stay flat.
so far no other manufacturers adapted to it (ok, maybe most havent even heard of me/it i guess), and since everbody has 50mm deep cases so far, it doesn’t seem to be a decider for them. everybody just keeps talking about HP…


just saw the picture of the profile on your system page. The thinness looks really neat!