Abrupt note ends even with long release times

High all,
I notice notes ending abruptly, instead of fading out smoothly to zero, even with maximum release times… am I missing something? At shorter release times it seems more pronounced with an hard, noticeable step down in volume to zero, that sounds awful if I am playing notes ‘too slowly’ (using the ‘pad’ waveform right now).

I am having the same issue with my Ambika =\\

I don’t think it’s an issue, it’s the limitation of the 8-bit CV generation. Low velocities, complex modulations on the VCA, and low part volumes can make it worse.

ok, sorry, so how do I minimize that effect?..a step by step for dummies is greatly appreciated.

As far as I can tell the velocity sensitivity is off, I am only using one LFO for modulation and the gain on my external mixer is set to the lowest setting for each voice (this means relatively high part volume doesn’t it? How do I check that?). All voices are allocated to one part.

Is there a way to multiply / interpolate / oversample the bit resolution? Sorry, i’m not an electrical engineer here…

still interested in this one…any way to make those tails fade out smoothly? I don’t use parts /multitimbrality or the sequencer, so would getting rid of these help in anyway to free up processing power?

Its not a question of processing power, its a question of resolution. You only have 8 Bits resolution and if your Envelope level is real low and you are in the last bit of the resolution - thats either on or off. Read here more on D/A conversion to understand what i mean.

@ FCD, thanks for the input…I definitely understand D/A conversion but your response got right to the point with ‘low envelope level’; so I think this is a more basic synthesis question in the end…
I like controlling the filter with the LFO to get the effect I use in this video. I thought I have to roll off the envelope amount to do that (?) https://youtu.be/KYoBe2F_RFo

sorry to nekro this post, but i was working on making a long tail patch today, and while trying to figure out why it was abruptly ending and potentially ignoring the env. It turned out this was happening only on one of the voicecards (i was stacking all 6). anyone have a clue what might make a voicecard work seemingly fine but not properly respect env3->vca.

just messing around with this again, it appears to be just one voicecard. 1-4, 6 all release rather smoothly. but voice 5 releases smoothly all the way up until a point and abruptly cuts off.

further experimentation, it appears to be doing something very wrong throughout the env3. attack and release are infinite slope at the ends.

update: doesn’t matter which envelop i use to mod the VCA. So i guess the VCA bit on the 5th voicecard has something wrong.

Which voicecard is it? Looks like a wrong resistor somewhere in the circuit generating the VCA control voltage or current.

it’s an smr4, i guess ill have to inspect it.

Check R1, R2 and C2.

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double checked the VCA circuit, everything looks good as far as right components. Joints weren’t terrible but i retouched them a tad anyway. did some simple continuity and ohm tests with the multimeter, and things seem fine. still giving me issues though.